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Area: 56,542 sq. km. land area (slightly smaller than West Virginia), 31,067 sq. km. coastal sea area.
Major cities (2002 est.): Capital--Zagreb (779,145). Others--Split (188,694), Rijeka (144,043), Osijek (114,616).
Terrain: Croatia is situated between central and eastern Europe. Its terrain is diverse, containing rocky coastlines, densely wooded mountains, plains, lakes, and rolling hills.
Climate: Croatia has a mixture of climates. In the north it is continental, Mediterranean along the coast, and a semi-highland and highland climate in the central region.

Population (July 2005 est.) 4,495,904.
Growth rate (2004 est.): -.02%
Ethnic groups Croat 89.6%, Serb 4.5%, other 5.9% (including Bosniak, Hungarian , Slovene, Czech, and Roma) (2001 census)
Religions: Catholic 87.8%, Orthodox 4.4%, Slavic Muslim 1.28%, others 6.52%.
Language: Croatian (South Slavic language, using the Roman script).
Health (2005 est.): Life expectancy--male 70.79 years; female 78.31 years. Infant mortality rate--6.84 deaths/1,000 live births.

Type: Parliamentary democracy.
Constitution: Adopted December 22, 1990.
Independence (from Yugoslavia): June 25, 1991.
Branches: Executive--president (chief of state), prime minister (head of government), Council of Ministers (cabinet). Legislative--unicameral Parliament or Sabor. Judicial--three-tiered system.
Suffrage: Universal at 18, or 16 years if employed.
Political parties: Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP); Croatian Peasant Party (HSS); Liberal Party (LS); Croatian People's Party (HNS); Libra Party; Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ); Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS); Croatian Block (HB); Croatian Christian Democratic Union (HKDU); Istrian Democratic Assembly (IDS); Croatian Independent Democrats (HND); Action of Social Democrats of Croatia (ASH); Slavonija-Baranja Croatia's Party (SBHS); Democratic Centre (DC); Croatian Party of Rights (HSP); True Croatian Revival Party (HIP); Primorje Goransko Union (PGS); Serb People’s Party (SNS); Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS).

Real GDP growth (2004 est): 3.7%.
Inflation rate (2004 est): 2.5%.
Unemployment rate (2004): 13.8%
Natural resources: Oil, bauxite, low-grade iron ore, calcium, natural asphalt, mica, clays, salt, and hydropower.

Adapted from material published in the CIA World Factbook.
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