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Area: 446,550 sq. km. (172,413 sq. mi.) slightly larger than California. (The disputed territory of Western Sahara comprises another 267,028 sq. km or 102,703 sq. mi.).
Major cities: Rabat (Capital), Casablanca, Marrakech, Fes, Tangier.
Terrain: Coastal plains, mountains, desert.
Climate: Mediterranean, more extreme in the interior.

Nationality: Noun and adjective--Moroccan(s).
Population (2004 est.): 29,891,708.
Annual growth rate (2004): 1.4%.
Ethnic groups: Arab-Berber 99%.
Religions: Muslim 99.99%, Jewish estimated at 4,000 people, Christians estimated at less than 1,000.
Languages: Arabic (official), several Berber dialects; French is often the language of business, government, and diplomacy.
Education: Years compulsory--9. Literacy--52.6%.
Health: Infant mortality rate--49.72/1,000. Life expectancy--66.92 yrs. male, 71.44 yrs. female.
Work force (10.7 million, 2003): Agriculture--50%; services--35%; industry--15%.

Type: Constitutional monarchy.
Constitution: March 1972, revised September 1992 and September 1996 (creating a bicameral legislature).
Independence: March 2, 1956.
Branches: Executive--King (head of state), Prime Minister (head of government). Legislative--Bicameral Parliament. Judicial--Supreme Court.
Major political parties: Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP), Istiqlal (Independence) Party (PI), Party of Justice and Development (PJD), National Rally of Independents (RNI), Popular Movement (MP), National Popular Movement (MNP), Constitutional Union Party (UC), Democratic Forces Front, (FFD), National Democratic Party (PND), Party of Progress and Socialism (PPS), Democratic Union (UD), Democratic and Social Movement (MDS), Social Democratic Party (PSD), The Pact (AHD), Liberty Alliance (ADL), United Socialist Leftists (GSU), Moroccan Liberal Party (PML), Party of Reform and Development (PRD), Citizen Forces (FC), National Itihadi Congress (CNI), Party of Action (PA), Social Center Party (PCS), Party of Environment and Development (PED), Citizens Initiative for Development (ICD), Party of Renewal and Equity (PRE), Consultation and Independence Party (PCI), Advancing Democratic and Social Party (PAGDS).
Suffrage: Universal starting at 18 years of age.

GDP (2004): $50.08 billion.
Per capita GDP: $1,678.00.
Natural resources: Phosphates, fish, manganese, lead, silver, copper.
Agriculture (16% of GDP): Products--wheat, barley, citrus fruits, vegetables, olives, livestock, and fishing.
Industry (32% of GDP): Types--phosphate mining, manufacturing and handicrafts, construction and public works, energy.
Trade (2004): Exports--$9.78 billion: food, beverages, and tobacco 15.3%, semi-processed goods 27.3%, consumer goods 37.2%. Major markets--EU 75.4%, India 3.4%, U.S. 2.9%, Brazil 2.1%.
Imports--$17.5 billion: food, beverages, and tobacco 8.7%, energy and lubricants 16.4%, capital goods 22.6%, semi-processed goods 23.3%, consumer goods 22.6%. Major suppliers--EU 59.1%, Saudi Arabia 5.0%, U.S. 4.1%.

Adapted from material published in the CIA World Factbook.
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