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Area: 300,000 sq. km. (117,187 sq. mi.).
Major cities (2000 census): Capital--Manila (pop. 9.9 million in metropolitan area); other cities--Davao City (1.2 million); Cebu City (0.7 million).
Terrain: Islands, 65% mountainous, with narrow coastal lowlands.
Climate: Tropical, astride typhoon belt.

Nationality: Noun--Filipino(s). Adjective--Philippine.
Population (2000 census): 76.5 million; estimate for 2004: 83.9 million.
Annual growth rate: 2.36%.
Ethnic groups: Malay, Chinese.
Religions: Catholic 85%, Protestant 9%, Muslim 5%, Buddhist and other 1%.
Languages: Pilipino (based on Tagalog), national language; English, language of government and instruction in education.
Education: Years compulsory--6 (note: 6 years of primary education free and compulsory; 4 years of secondary education free but not compulsory). Attendance--94% in elementary grades, 64% in secondary grades. Literacy--93.4%.
Health: Infant mortality rate (2003)--29 per 1,000. Life expectancy (2003)--67.8 yrs. for males; 73.1 yrs. for females.
Work force (2004): 35.8 million. Services (including commerce and government, 2004)--47%; agriculture--20%; industry--33%.

Type: Republic.
Independence: 1946.
Constitution: February 11, 1987.
Branches: Executive--president and vice president. Legislative--bicameral legislature. Judicial--independent.
Administrative subdivisions: 15 regions and Metro Manila (National Capital Region), 79 provinces, 115 cities.
Political parties: Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats, Nationalist People’s Coalition, Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino, Liberal Party, Aksiyon Demokratiko, Partido Demokratikong Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan, and other small parties.
Suffrage: Universal, but not compulsory, at age 18.

GDP (2004): $84.2 billion.
Annual GDP growth rate (2004): 6.1%.
GDP per capita (2004): $976.
Natural resources: Copper, nickel, iron, cobalt, silver, gold.
Agriculture: Products--rice, coconut products, sugar, corn, pork, bananas, pineapple products, aquaculture, mangoes, eggs.
Industry: Types--textiles and garments, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, wood products, food processing, electronics assembly, petroleum refining, fishing.
Trade (2004): Exports--$39.6 billion. Imports--$40.3 billion.

Adapted from material published in the CIA World Factbook.
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