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Area: 449,964 sq. km. (173,731 sq. mi.)--about the size of California.
Cities: Capital--Stockholm (city population: 765,044). Other cities--Göteborg (city population: 481,410), Malmö (city population: 269,142).
Terrain: Generally flat or rolling.
Climate: Temperate in south with cold, cloudy winters and cool, partly cloudy summers; subarctic in north.

Nationality: Noun--Swedes; adjective--Swedish.
Population (July 2005 est.): 9 million.
Annual growth rate: 0.17%.
Ethnic groups: Indigenous Swedes, ethnic Finns, ethnic Sami.
Immigrants: Finns, Bosnians, Iranians, Norwegians, Danes, and Turks.
Religions: Lutheran (90%), Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim.
Education: Years compulsory--9. Literacy--100%.
Health: Infant mortality rate--2.77/1,000. Life expectancy--men 78.19 years, women 82.74 years.
Work force (4.46 million, 2004 est.): Services--74%; industry--24%; agriculture--2%. Unemployment (2004 est.) 5.6%.

Type: Constitutional monarchy.
Constitution: A new constitution was adopted in 1975, replacing the Acts of 1809, 1866, and 1949. Branches: Executive--Cabinet, responsible to parliament. Legislative--unicameral parliament (Riksdag). Judicial--Supreme Court (6 superior courts; 108 lower courts).
Subdivisions: 21 counties, 289 municipalities (townships).
Political parties represented in parliament: Moderate, Liberal, Center, Christian Democratic, Social Democratic, Left, and Green.
Suffrage: Universal over 18. After 3 years of legal residence, immigrants may vote in county and municipal elections, (but not in national elections).

GDP (2004 est.): $255.4 billion.
Annual growth rate (2004 est.): 3.6%.
Per capita income (2001): $26,200.
Inflation rate (2004 est.): 0.4%.
Natural resources: Forests, iron ore, hydroelectric power.
Agriculture (2% of GDP): Products--dairy products, grains, sugarbeets, potatoes, wood. Arable land--6 million acres.
Industry (29% of GDP): Types--machinery/metal products, motor vehicles, electrical equipment, aircraft, paper products.
Services (69.9% of GDP): Types--telecommunications, computer equipment, biotech.
Trade: Exports (2004 est.)--$121.7 billion. Types--machinery transport equipment, wood products, paper, pulp, chemicals, and manufactured goods. Imports (2004 est.)--$97.97 billion. Major trading partners--U.S., EU, Norway.

Adapted from material published in the CIA World Factbook.
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