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Area: 685 sq. km. (264 sq. mi.).
Cities: Capital--Singapore (country is a city-state).
Terrain: Lowland.
Climate: Tropical.

Population (2004): 4.24 million (including permanent residents, foreign workers).
Annual growth rate: 1.3% (total); 1.4% (residents).
Ethnic groups: Chinese 77%, Malays 14%, Indians 8%.
Religions: Buddhist, Taoist, Muslim, Christian, Hindu.
Languages: English, Mandarin and other Chinese dialects, Malay, Tamil.
Education: Years compulsory--six. Attendance--94%. Literacy--94.2%.
Health (2003): Infant mortality rate--2.5/1,000. Life expectancy--77 yrs. male, 81 yrs. female.
Work force (June 2004, 2.16 million): Manufacturing and commerce--37%; services--41%.

Type: Parliamentary republic.
Constitution: June 3, 1959 (amended 1965 and 1991).
Independence: August 9, 1965.
Branches: Executive--president (chief of state, 6-yr. term); prime minister (head of government). Legislative--unicameral 84-member Parliament (maximum 5-yr. term). Judicial--High Court, Court of Appeal, subordinate courts.
Political parties: People's Action Party (PAP), Workers' Party (WP), Singapore's Peoples Party (SPP), Singapore Democratic Party (SDP).
Suffrage: Universal and compulsory at 21.
Central government budget (FY 2004 est.): $18.2 billion.
Defense (FY 2004 est.): 5.4% of gross domestic product.
National holiday: August 9.

GDP (2004 real, 1995 prices): $110 billion.
Annual real growth rate: 2.2% (2002); 1.1% (2003), 8.4% (2004).
Per capita GNP (2004--purchasing power parity): $24,560.
Natural resources: None.
Agriculture (under 0.5% of GDP): Products--poultry, orchids, vegetables, fruits, ornamental fish.
Manufacturing (27% of real GDP): Types--electronic and electrical products and components, petroleum products, machinery and metal products, chemical and pharmaceutical products, transport equipment (mainly aircraft repairs/maintenance, shipbuilding and repair), food and beverages, printing and publishing, textiles and garments, plastic products/modules, instrumentation equipment.
Trade (2004): Exports--$185 billion: petroleum products, food/beverages, chemicals, textile/garments, electronic components, telecommunication apparatus, transport equipment. Major markets--Malaysia (15%), U.S. (12%), EU (14%), Hong Kong (10%), Japan (6%), and China (10%). Imports--$169 billion: aircraft, crude oil and petroleum products, electronic components, radio and television receivers/parts, motor vehicles, chemicals, food/beverages, iron/steel, textile yarns/fabrics. Major suppliers--Malaysia (15%), U.S. (13%), Japan (12%), EU (13%), and China (10%).

Adapted from material published in the CIA World Factbook.
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