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Area: 176,000 sq. km. (68,000 sq. mi.); slightly smaller than Oklahoma.
Cities: Capital--Montevideo (est. pop. 1.4 million).
Terrain: Plains and low hills; 84% agricultural.
Climate: Temperate.

Nationality: Noun and adjective--Uruguayan(s).
Population (2004): 3.2 million.
Annual growth rate: 0.6%.
Ethnic groups (est.): European descent 93%, African descent 5%, mestizo 1%.
Religions: Roman Catholic 52%, Protestant and other Christian 16%, Jewish 2%, non-professing or other 30%.
Language: Spanish.
Education: Literacy (2004)--97%.
Health: Life expectancy (2004)--75.4 yrs. (79.2 yrs females; 71.3 yrs. males). Infant mortality rate--15/1,000 (2003).
Work force (1.3 million, 2004): Manufacturing--13.5%; agriculture--4.0%; services--75%.

Type: Republic.
Independence: 1825.
Constitution: First 1830, current 1967, most recently amended December 1996.
Branches: Executive--president (chief of state and head of government). Legislative--General Assembly consisting of a 99-seat Chamber of Deputies and a 30-seat Senate. Judicial--Supreme Court of Justice.
Administrative subdivisions: 19 departments with limited autonomy.
Political parties/coalitions: Colorado Party, Blanco (National) Party, Encuentro Progresista-Frente Amplio, Nuevo Espacio.
Suffrage: Universal at 18.

Economy (2004 unless noted)
Gross domestic product (GDP): $13.2 billion; $11.2 billion (2003)
Annual growth rate: 12.3%; +2.5% (2003); -11.0% (2002); -3.4% (2001).
Per capita GDP: $4,078; $3,309 (2003).
Natural resources: Arable land, pastures, hydroelectric power, granite, marble.
Agriculture (13% of GDP): Products--beef, wool, rice, wheat, barley, corn.
Industry (31.7% of GDP): Types--meat processing, wool, textiles, leather, leather apparel, beverages and tobacco, chemicals, cement, petroleum refining.
Services: 55% of GDP.
Trade: Exports (f.o.b.)--$2.9 billion: meat, wool, hides, leather, wool products, fish, rice, furs. Major markets--United States (19.8%), Brazil (16.3%), Argentina (7.6%), Germany (5.1%), Mexico (4.0%), China (3.9%). Imports (c.i.f.)--$3.1 billion: machinery, chemicals, fuel, vehicles. Major suppliers--Brazil and Argentina (25.7% each), United States (9.0%), China (7.1%), Germany (3.4%).

Adapted from material published in the CIA World Factbook.
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