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Anglo-American School of Sofia
The Anglo-American School of Sofia is an independent, coeducational day school which offers an educational program from PK through grade 8 for students of all nationalities. The School was founded in 1967. The school year comprises 2 semesters extending from August 29 to December 16 and from January 4 to June 21.

Organization: The School is governed by a 9-member School Board, 8 of whom are appointed by the American and British Ambassadors. The ninth member is the president of the Parent Teacher Organization. The chairperson of the School Board is appointed by the American Ambassador. The Vice Chairperson is appointed by the British Ambassador.

Curriculum: The curriculum is that of U.S. and British general academic schools. Instruction is in English. English-as-a-Second-Language is also offered, as are special education, French, physical education, art, music, computer science, and library. The School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and by the European Council of International Schools.

Faculty: In the 2005-2006 school year, there are 19 full-time and 8 part-time faculty members.

Enrollment: At the beginning of the 2005-2006 school year, enrollment was 187 (PK-grade 8).

Facilities: The School is housed in one large building with outside play and recreation areas located in parkland. Facilities include 10 full-size classrooms, 7 specialist/small group rooms, a science room, a physical education hall, a music/general purpose hall, a computer laboratory, a large library, faculty rooms, and administrative offices.

Finances: In the 2005-2006 school year, about 100% of the School's income derives from regular day school tuition. Annual tuition rates are as follows: PK: €3,700; Kdg.-grade 4: €10,840; and grades 5-8: €11,560. The School also charges a registration fee of €665 (€335 for preschool) payable on first enrollment, entrance capital fee of €1,050, capital fee of €2,100 (€515 for preschool), and an optional busing fee of €840. These fees are payable in euros. (All fees are quoted in euros.)


Mr. Eric Larson, Director
Anglo-American School of Sofia
DOS/Management Officer
5740 Sofia Place
Washington, D.C. 20521-5740
Tel: 359-2-974-4575 or 359-2-974-4233
Fax: 359-2-974-4483
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Adapted from material published by the U.S. Department of State.
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